Why Learning English Is Important

Jill Kayana

Why Learning English Is Important

My Journey to Understanding Why Learning English Is Important

My early journey with learning English was a struggle. Growing up in a family that had other native languages, I did not feel the need to invest too much time in understanding English and why it was important. I was happy with my native language and only studied English as a subject in school. After finishing school, I moved out of my home for college and came face-to-face with the importance of English. As I started joining societies and volunteering programs outside of my college, I noticed that English was the medium of communication and learning. It was extremely difficult to understand people in events and make myself understood.

This made me think on the importance of learning English. I realized that without perfect English, I would not be able to open doors for myself in the job market, in any profession. I accepted the challenge and started investing time in perfecting my English. Soon enough, I started improving my communication skills with people and my confidence to take up any job increased.

Perfecting Your English Speaks of Your Professionalism

For someone who is looking for a professional job, the most important aspect to consider is perfecting their communication skills. Any hiring process includes an Interview Round and before you enter that stage, you should make sure you are the perfect fit for the job. The first step to making sure you get a good chance at the job is perfecting your English.

In an Interview Round, companies look for not just the technical know-how of a candidate but also his/her capacity for understanding and simplifying the most complex of problems, which can happen only if your communication skills are strong. Perfect English is the key to deliver powerful pitch lines for convincing and edifying conversations.

The better your English, the better are your chances of success. Besides, perfecting your English also adds to your communication skills. If an individual is well-versed in the English language and can communicate effectively, the chances of being selected in the Interview Round become much higher.

Having Good English Helps Professionals in Networking

Networking is essential for any professional who wants to make a mark in his/her career. Being able to communicate in English is integral in every aspect of career building. Professionals often meet new people, build contacts and gather important information on opportunities. Having a good command over English lets them expound their findings more concisely explain their capabilities and ambitions better. This in turn helps professionals in networking and building relationships with other people.

A knowledge of English also helps one build relationships and network better with international people. The presence of multiple non-native English speakers from all over the world in any given workplace often makes it difficult to communicate with each other. Having a knowledge of English helps build rapport with each other and make the conversations fluid better.

Having Good English Helps Understand Global Trends

Professionals need to stay abreast with ever-evolving developments in their respective fields and a thorough knowledge of English can help in understanding the latest in chosen fields of expertise. Companies often send their staff for trainings and workshops. Since most of the materials used to impart knowledge on different topics are in English, one should be certain of understanding every word to be able to take part in such events and also learn effectively.

A lot of material and even current news is found online, like e-books, research papers, tutorials, blogs, white papers and other forms of publications. Most of these are written in English and having a good command over English helps one in staying one step ahead of others. A good knowledge of English is also useful to understand the English blogs and magazines which are very popular in different fields.

Having Good English Is Important for Business Representatives

Having a good command over English also helps business representatives in creating and maintaining lucrative deals with their counterparts from all around the world. Accentuate Fruits, a company which deals in export of organic produce to Europe, is based in Indonesia. It is certainly beneficial for the company that communicate effectively with the sales and marketing representative from the country they are dealing with.

Having a good command over the English language also not only helps in initiating the conversation but also keeps the conversations rolling easily. Business representatives need to learn to understand the cultural backgrounds of other people and countries to build up trust in them. Good English is beneficial for their meetings and business objectives.

Learning English Encourages Globalization

Learning English helps in reducing the language barrier to international communication which in turn helps in globalization. It is easier to facilitate cross-country cultural exchanges and collaborations. Good students who learn English can easily communicate and collaborate on projects with people who live in different parts of the world.

In today’s world, global collaborations are very important to the progress of any individual or a country. Good English can help in cultural awareness and help create an understanding of different nations across the globe. The global village is made stronger by unitng different communities through English.

Having Good English Helps Grow Your Career Paths

Having a good command over English is undeniably an important factor for every individual’s career growth. Professionals who are proficient in English and can communicate well have a huge advantage in the job market. Their outstanding communication skills help in advancing their career by quickly taking them up the ranks.

With a good command over English, one can easily obtain better career opportunities. It helps professionals present their ideas more creatively by showing their great communication abilities. Also, being proficient in many languages, including English, allows them to work in different countries, thus increasing their chances for promotions and career growth.


In conclusion, I believe that having a good command over English is very important for anyone who desires further growth in career path and life. A strong command over the language facilitates quick understanding of complex problems and helps in interacting with a variety of people. The fact that English is becoming the global language makes it compulsory to learn it, as it helps in networking, career growth, globalization, and better communication.

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